First Published: 2019


The Garden Jungle

Gardening to Save the Planet

Author: Dave Goulson

Jonathan Cape
Last read:
Mon 4th Jan 2021


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Excellent and Accessible

by rogerco on Mon 4th Jan 2021.

At first I wasn't too sure about the writing style, seemed a little uncertain and almost naive as if he was still discovering things for himself, but as it went on it becomes clear that he really does know what he is talking about. It is written in a very accesible style - not academic pronouncements from on high, but a mixture of personal anecdotes illustrating the key scientific points.

In summary it is a compelling argument for as all to get off our backsides, find a scrap of land and get to know it and nurture the ecosystems it supports. Full of practical advice with some useful lists and references at the back and a (sometimes slightly wacky) recipe at the start of each chapter.

Deserves to be widely read; although I seem to have acquired the hardback edition it is also available in paperback and kindle formats.

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