First Published: 2004


The Last Kingdom

Harper Collins
Summary :
The wars between the Danes, the Saxons and the Britons as seen by a Northumberland lad.
Last read:
Tue 15th Jun 2021


Uhtred is captured by the Danes and brought up to become a warrior, he floats between the Danish and Saxon forces as the Danes first take Mercia, the East Anglia and then try for Wessex as Alfred becomes king of Wessex. Uhtred grows up and finally gets to become a man by fighting in the shieldwall.


A Gripping Yarn

by rogerco on Tue 15th Jun 2021.

I greatly enjoyed this tale and found it engrossing and convincing in its painting of Danish/Viking life, perhaps slightly less convincing in the scenes in Wessex - was Alfred really running a kingdom effectively ruled by the church and priests.

But that's a minor quibble, and Uhtred's story and character is the centre of the tale and is a pleasure to ride along with.

I'm tempted to read the sequel - but there seem to be 12 more of them!

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