USA 1947

Running time: 104 mins

A Double Life

Director : George Cukor

Summary :
An actor's involvement with the characters he plays

: Anthony (Tony) John: Ronald Coleman (Anthony (Tony) John)
Original Language:
Broadway, New York
35mm Film
Aspect Ratio:
1.37 (Academy)
Black & White

Last seen:
Mon 8th Mar 2021


Anthony (Tony) John.played by Ronald Coleman, is a successful stage actor on Broadway who is known for becoming consumed by the characters he plays. Coming out of a successful middle class comedy (think Alan Ackbourn for the 1940s) - the extract we saw on screen was certainly "hilarious" but not in the way intended - he is tempted to tackle Othello.

Brita (Signe Hasso) his ex-wife, co-star and companion (they separated as a result of previous episodes where he had become a bad character he was playing but still have a bond), is nervous about taking it on - but he goes for it with Brita playing Desdemona.

Somewhat inevitably the green-eyed monster that invades Othello and causes the tragedy enter Tony as he takes on the character. The consequences are murderous, but not for Brita.

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Good screen acting representing bad stage acting

by rogerco on Mon 8th Mar 2021. Streaming proj @ home

Well the stage acting was awful - as was presumably the norm at the time. Some of the morality of the story is dubious - the cop out ending where Tony (Ronald Coleman) is excused from facing the consequences of his actions is dubious, as is the use of the waitress as a proxy to be murdered in place of Brita (Signe Hasso), his co-star on stage and one-time wife.

Putting that aside it's a good story well filmed (as you'd expect from Cukor) that moves along nicely. Four stars only by not judging it by today's standards - otherwise it would be 2 at best.