UK 2019

Running time: 118 mins

Blinded By The Light

Director : Gurinder Chadha


: Javid: Viveik Kalra (Javid)
Eliza (Javid's girlfriend): Nell Williams (Eliza (Javid's girlfriend))
Roops (Javid's college friend): Aaron Phagura (Roops (Javid's college friend))
Matt (Javid's school friend): Dean-Charles Chapman (Matt (Javid's school friend))
Luton, UK
Arri Alexa Mini
Aspect Ratio:
2.39 Widescreen
Dolby digital

Last seen:
Sat 11th Sep 2021


Luton linked to New Jersey in 1987 through a Pakistani teenager discovering the music of Bruce Springsteen. The shy aspiring writer, Javid (Viveik Kaira), goes to sixth form college to study English A-level (unknown to his father who has told him to do Economics) and gradually unfolds himself from the suffocating cultural embrace of family and filial duty through the highly relevant to his life lyrics of Brooce and his first girlfriend (Nell Williams)


Film Category


Feel-good Tears of Joy

by rogerco on Sat 11th Sep 2021. DVD proj @ home

5/7 is perhaps a little low as a rating as there is so much good stuff - excellent performances from Vivek Kaira (Javid), Dean-Charles Chapman (Matt, Javid's school friend),  Aaron Phagura (Roops, Javid's college friend and intro to The Boss), and Nell Williams (Eliza, Javid's girlfriend) and the adult supporting cast. 

Lovely use of Springsteen's lyrics both on sound and on screen. Late 80's Luton very well evoked. Some good dance moves and ensemble playing.

Some obvious similarities with Bend It Like Beckham and nowhere near as tacky as classic bad feel-good movies like Love Actually or Notting Hill (or almost anything with Hugh Grant). 

In the end lacking in 'edge' and staying well within the confines of safe narrative expectations - but if you accept it as that, it is very touching and uplifting.