Romaina 2019

Running time: 109 mins


Director : Alexander Nanau

Summary :
When Government is corrupted, people die.
Original Language:
Bucharest, Romania
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 widescreen

Last seen:
Sun 25th Jul 2021


Fire in a nightclub kills 27 young people. Subsequently more die in hospital of non-life-threatening wounds. A whistle-blower approaches a Sports Daily newspaper with a story of diluted disinfectant. The journalists investigate and uncover a massive web of corruption which led to the deaths of 37 more victims of the fire. The government falls and an interim government of technocrats is appointed until new elections can take place. The new health minister gives access to the film-makers to record his attempts to clean up the health service. The new elections result in the same old social democrats winning massively increased majorities and we are left wondering if anything changed.

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Is it happening here?

by rogerco on Sun 25th Jul 2021. DVD proj @ home (with subtitles)

Deeply engrossing film as we follow the journalists uncovering the story, some of the victims and families coping with the tragedy, and the new health minister grappling with reforming a completely corrupt system.

Raises lots of questions about the backstory and deeper issues about the value of modern democracy where the population is neither informed nor involved.