France 2015

Running time: 118 mins


Directors : Melanie Laurent & Cyril Dion

Original Language:
Aspect Ratio:
2.39 Widescreen

Last seen:
Mon 22nd Mar 2021


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Inspirational, but 6 years old

by rogerco on Mon 22nd Mar 2021. DVD proj @ home

Much better than I was expecting - well organised and interesting content strung together in 5 chapters leading to the conclusion another world is possible, and the first green shoots of that new world already exist.

Many documentaries dealing with this broad subject (ecological and climate emergency response) are either overly preachy and focused on one aspect of the problems, or simply onanistic filmmaking exercises that are ultimately part of the problem.

This one however manages to tread that delicate line between the two and provides some new (for 2014) insights

But that now (2021) begs the question what has happened since 2014 when it was being shot. Those first green shoots are still around, albeit in desperate need of watering and feeding, but everything bad has got worse - much worse. Why?

It used to be possible to believe a better world was achievable - but is it still? This might lead you down the path of concluding that physical destruction of infrastructure is now a necessary step.