UK 2020

Running time: 70 mins

Lovers Rock

Small Axe pt.2

Director : Steve McQueen

Summary :
House (Blues) party in Notting Hill circa 1970
Aspect Ratio:
1.78 Widescreen

Last seen:
Wed 21st Apr 2021


No synopsis available


Gonna Have a House Party, got rhythm, come sing de blues.

by Roger CO on Wed 21st Apr 2021. DVD proj @ home

Like the first episode, The Mangrove, it felt a bit overlong at times - here particularly in some of the extended party scenes - but overall I guess it is a wonderful evocation of time and place (I wasn't there so I can't know); it certainly feels true.

The dynamics of the party are brilliantly captured, to the extent that you forget it is a film with a camera crew and actors with lines and a director calling "action" and "cut". It just flowed through its different moods as a real party does.