UK 2020

Running time: 80 mins

Red White and Blue

Small Axe pt.3

Director : Steve McQueen

Summary :
The story of Leroy Logan, first black policeman in the Met

: Leroy Logan: John Boyega (Leroy Logan)
35mm Film
Aspect Ratio:
1.85 widescreen

Last seen:
Sat 1st May 2021


From being stopped and searched as a schoolboy waiting for his dad to pick him up, to deciding to switch career from a research scientist to becoming a policeman and fighting racism from with the police force. The same old tale of a the London West-Indian sub-culture picked on by the establishment in order to make the white working class not notice how badly they are treated.

In real life he goes on to rise to become a Superintendent - but nothing really changed.


Traitor or Pioneer?

by rogerco on Sat 1st May 2021. DVD proj @ home

Perhaps the core of the problem is not that the police force is institutionally racist, but much deeper. The police force merely reflects society as a whole, and in a competitive capitalist society it is absolutely bound to discriminate between different sub-cultures within society in order to protect and and promote the social order (hierarchy).

As a film this works very well, focusing on the individual experience and conflicts, both internal and external, that arise. Clearly there is a sense in which he is a traitor to his community, but whilst this is shown the implications are not really explored, the film preferring to focus on the problems with the police. 

In this respect this is the weakest film of the set, Mangrove, Wheatle, and Education all show the protagonists involved in finding solutions to their on problems (and Lovers Rock is a bit of an outlier)