France 1963

Running time: 30 mins

Salut les Cubains

Director : Agnes Varda

Summary :
Photomontage film essay about Cuba 1963
Original Language:
Aspect Ratio:
Black & White

Last seen:
Thu 7th Oct 2021


Using some (?many) of the thousands of photos Agnes took during a visit to Cuba in spring 1963. A celebration of the post-revolution culture and life in Cuba. 

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Review of "Salut les Cubains"

by rogerco on Thu 7th Oct 2021. Streaming proj @ home

Another (early) tour-de-force by Varda. With voiceover by Agnes and Michel Piccoli providing context for what we see. A montage of still, B&W, photos arranged into chapters with different themes.

Some excellent music/dance scenes using photos which must have been shot with a motor drive to create a near stop-frame effect in time with the music. One of these was a bit overlong as she had to repeat the same sequence of photos several times - but a very interesting technique.

Fascinating as a snapshot of Cuba emerging as a country from the revolution.