UK 2009

Running time: 87 mins

The Fantastic Mr Fox

Director : Wes Anderson

Summary :
An anthropomorphic fox and his family does battle with industrial farmers, who retaliate and trap them in a 'refugee camp' in the sewers which they proceed to make the best of and create a community.

: Mr Fox (voiceover): George Clooney (Mr Fox (voiceover))
Original Language:
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Last seen:
Wed 27th Jan 2021


Moving to a better neighbourhood from his fox hole to a tree with a view inspires Mr Fox, editor of Fox News, to return to his chicken rustling ways. The view shows the three neighbouring hilltop poultry farms - Boggis, Bunce and Bean - the temptation is too much.

After successfully raiding all three the farmers gang up to retailiate - destroying the hill with the tree and driving the fox family underground. Trapped with other underground animals (badgers, moles etc) unable to escape the ring of steel the farmers have created a community develops as the animals fight back.


Entertaining Anthropomorphic Satire

by rogerco on Wed 27th Jan 2021. Streaming proj @ home

A mix of puppetry, stop-motion animation and cartoon, brought to life by voiceovers (many from well known 'stars') with decidedly human characteristics.

If it is satire the targets are never explicitly spelt out - the middle class, social (upward) mobility, industrial farming, the plight of the Palestinians????

The later Isle of Dogs is much better as it is more tightly focussed and avoids much of the excessively cute anthropomorphism of this one.

An enjoyable 90 mins for all that though.