USA 2015

Running time: 98 mins

Songs My Brothers Taught Me

Director : Chloé Zhao

Summary :
Life on the Rez. Hard.
Aspect Ratio:
1.78 Widescreen
Dolby digital

Last seen:
Sun 25th Apr 2021


No synopsis available


Feels like documentary

by Roger CO on Sun 25th Apr 2021. Streaming proj @ home

It feels like documentary and at the same time tells an interesting story covering universal themes (growing up, leaving home, the power of family and community, the curse of alcohol on the dispossessed).

We saw this two days before the director's (Chloé Zhao) latest film scooped up Oscars (Nomanland was already on our to-be-watched list), the boy, Johnny, and girl, Jashaun, could have won acting awards for playing themselves in this one.

Also very satisfying as a narrative with a clear crux point where our hero, Johnny, makes the decision that will determine his future. In the echo canyon as he is setting out to leave, he calls his sister's name and echo came there none.

A classic 'true fiction', that is in fact fiction but in spirit true.