Begium 2008

Running time: 105 mins

The Silence of Lorna

Summary :
Young woman involved with fake marriage scams for citizenship in Belgium
Original Language:
Begium city - Liege probably
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Last seen:
Sat 9th Jan 2021


Lorna is an imigrant to Belgium, married to a junkie, Claudy, to obtain citizenship, once that is done to get divorced and be available to marry again a Russian seeking citizenship for lots of money.

Her true love Sokol is working abroad until she gets the Russian's money and then they plan to open a cafe and settle in Belgium.

Fabio, who is running the Begium end of the operation reminds Lorna that in fact they are planning to give the junkie an overdose once the citizenship is settled as it'll be quicker. Lorna is having second thoughts as the Claudy is showing signs of reforming and checks himself into a hospital to dry out.



Initially engrossing but fades in the end

by rogerco on Sat 9th Jan 2021. DVD proj @ home (with subtitles)

A good story unfolds. Occasional time skips are a little disconcerting as you struggle to catch up with what has happened in the gap. Once Claudy has died it is clear Lorna regrets her involvement as she ever so gently goes off the rails. I found the ending with her hiding out in a cabin in the woods talking to herself slightly unconvincing