One review on 13 Oct 2021

First Published: 2020


A Bit of a Stretch

The diaries of a prisoner

Author: Chris Atkins 

Summary: Diary of 12 months spent as a prisoner in Wandsworth by the author

Atlantic Books
Date first read: Wed 13th Oct 2021

Format:   Paperback

Catalogued: 13th Oct 2021


Handed a 5 year sentence for getting caught up in a financial scam to finance his film, documentary filmmaker Chris Atkins proceeds to document his prison experience.



British Justice in the Dock - and guilty as hell

by rogerco on Wed 13th Oct 2021.

The conditions in Wandsworth (and by extension in all British prisons) are truely appalling and seem to be designed to promote re-offending, mental illness, incapacity, failure.