One review on 29 Oct 2023

First Published: 2022


Deep Deception

unlisted author

Summary: The story ofspy-cops by 5 of the women deeply affected

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Date first read: Sun 29th Oct 2023

Format:   Kindle

Catalogued: 30th Oct 2023


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Surprisingly shocking

by Roger CO on Sun 29th Oct 2023.

Although we have heard the story - and in a sense always known it; the existence of police spies in activist groups is assumed to be true as a basic security princple - to read the first hand accounts of the way a selection of women were targetted and gaslit by undercover cops and the detail of their emotional involvement in a fake person was quite shocking.

The persoal become highly political, and in the context of what has happened since in terms of the drift into an authoritarian state pretty unsettling. 

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