One review on 05 Oct 2021

First Published: 2019


Middle England

Rotters Club 3

Author: Jonathan Coe 

Summary: 2010-2017 for the middle classes of middle england

Date first read: Tue 5th Oct 2021

Format:   Kindle

Catalogued: 5th Oct 2021


Benjamin Trotter rolls on through life with the ghosts of the past ever present. All of which encloses some commentary on the state of middle england and its embedded racisim, jingoism, prides and self-deprecation as anger and discontent emerges.


A Hollow Middle

by rogerco on Tue 5th Oct 2021.

Well I enjoyed it, particularly some of the social observation beyond the immediate characters, but at the end of the day its a story about people trapped in their prisons of their own devising. Particularly nice that Benjamin is opted as a failure near the end. But inevitably it washes over him and the finale comes straight from the Panglossian advice in Candide.

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