First Published: 2019



Author: Author Blake Crouch

Summary :
Memory and time. Paradoxes and spirals.
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Date first read: Mon 8th Nov 2021
Catalogued: 18th Nov 2021


Suppose you could travel back in time to any sufficiently strong point in your memories and start again from there. How would (and should) such a device be used? What would be the consequences? 

The story centres on two main players - Helena, who invents the Memory Chair without realising quite what it does - and Barry, a cop in New York - who ultimately helps her undo what she has unleashed (probably)


The Limits of Recursion

by rogerco on Mon 8th Nov 2021.

Not unlike Blake Crouch's previous offering Dark Matter, this one again concerns alternate realities and their interaction. Here they are linked by memories.

Contains some harrowing scenes of nuclear explosions in cities from the point of view of a victim.

The episode on the oil-rig converted to a lab somewhat stretches credulity, but the pseudo-science McGuffin is moderately convincing which helps with the suspension of disbelief. Towards the end started to think "come on, just get on with it and resolve things" but still kept on reading.

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