First Published: 2017


The Gustav Sonata

Author: Author Rose Tremain

Summary :
Only in their sixties do Gustav and Anton achieve their destiny

Date first read: Sun 21st Nov 2021
Catalogued: 22nd Nov 2021


Born in Switzerland 1943 of a father who dies and a mother who cannot love him, Gustav grows up in his hometown with only one friend - Anton, of jewish parents. Anton, driven by his parents attempts to become a concert pianist, while Gustav eventually finds his niche as a hotelier. Only in his 50's does Gustav start to confront the slight mystery of his father's death (when he was a few months old) and his mother's coldness.




Emotionally Engaging

by rogerco on Sun 21st Nov 2021.

Three main periods loosely interwoven. Gusatav's early childhood with his mother, and then befriending Anton at kindergarten and growing through school. The events before Guistav's birth from 1938 when Emile meets Erich (deputy police chief) and marries him and their early life together and separated as the clouds of war descend. And then Gustav's adult years from late 40s to 60s where he and Anton finally achieve their destiny. 

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