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First Published: 2017



Dark Iceland 5

Author: Ragnar Jonasson 

Summary: Mixing the past and present again as Ari Thor investigates a death at a remote house on a headland by a lighthouse.

Orenda Books
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  • TranslatorQuentin Bates 
Date first read: Sat 19th Mar 2022

Format:   Kindle

Catalogued: 2nd Apr 2022


Two days before Christmas in NW Iceland. 30 years ago a young girl falls to her death off a cliff, and later her mother jumps, or is pushed, to hers. Today a young woman has also apparently fallen to her death at the same spot. 

Ari's wife is very pregnant, but when his old boss summons him to help him on the investigation he answers the call. 


Similar to the previous

by rogerco on Sat 19th Mar 2022.

but still a good read