One review on 29 Jul 2023

UK 2021

Running time: 94 mins


Director : Kenneth Branagh 

Setting: Belfast 1960s
Summary: Growing up in a time of troubles


  • Jude Hill  Buddy (the boy)
  • Caitríona Balfe  Ma
  • Jamie Dornan  Pa
  • Judi Dench  Granny
  • Ciarán Hinds  Pop (grandfather)

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 widescreen

Colour: Black and White

Sound: Stereo

Camera: Digital

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First Seen: Sat 29th Jul 2023
Catalogued: 30th Jul 2023


Young boy growing up in mixed community in poor area of Belfast encounters The Troubles and the arrival of the british army.


by rogerco on Sat 29th Jul 2023 DVD proj @ home

Growing up in a time of troubles

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D0 not watch the "alternative ending" on the DVD - its a Kenneth Branagh wank. Aside from that it is probably the best film he has ever been involved with. Great music from Van the Man as well.

It quite a gentle drama of family life in a poor initially unsegregated area of Belfast in the 1960s. Possibly a somewhat romanticised view of community before neo-liberalism destroyed everything, but the characters are good and interesting and the boy Buddy (Jude Hill) is excellent. Its a story of those who ultimately decided to leave, rather than delving into the politics or the lives of those who decided to stay.

Charming rather than gritty social-realism, but that can be okay - there are other films about the harder side of The Troubles.