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La Bete Humaine

Director : Jean Renoir 

synopsis extract: Life (and loves) on the French Railways. ...


  • Julien Carette 
  • Jean Gabin 
  • Simone Simon 

Aspect Ratio: unknown

Sound: Talkie

Tech Notes: Camera : 0. Talkie

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First Seen: Fri 24th Apr 2020
Catalogued: 16th Jan 2021


Life (and loves) on the French Railways. Seriously, aside from the stunning treasure trove of steam train images, a love triangle story in the style francais where the handsome engine driver becomes the latest lover of the tragic wife of the station master. Men are beasts and so are women. Love is a force that masters reason. Fire and water power the world. The fireman dreamed and the engine just gleamed.


by Roger on Fri 24th Apr 2020 Streamed proj @ home (Subtitled)

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8 stars for the railway stuff alone...