One review on 26 Nov 2022

France 2016

Running time: 66 mins

My Life as a Courgette

Ma vie de Courgette

Director : Claude Barras 

Setting: French Childrens Home
Original language: French
Summary: Also known as My Name is Courgette which makes more sense as a title. A better translation of the french title would be My Life As Courgette without the 'a'

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 widescreen

Colour: Colour

Sound: Stereo

Camera: Digital

Tech Notes: stop motion animation

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First Seen: Sat 26th Nov 2022
Catalogued: 13th Dec 2022


Courgette inadverently kills is troubled mother and is taken to a childrens home by a policeman. There he gets to know the other kids and the policeman comes back to visit and eventually adopts him


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Simple is Charming


Sometimes keeping things simple is best