One review on 06 Jul 2023

USA 2013

Running time: 110 mins


Director : Alexander Payne 

Setting: Montana and Nebraska,USA
Summary: Son takes confused Dad on trip to Lincoln Nebraska to collect $1M that he hasn't won


  • Bruce Dern  the Dad
  • Will Forte  the Son
  • June Squibb  the Mum
  • Bob Odenkirk  the Other Son

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 (anamorphic)

Colour: Black and White

Camera: Digital

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First Seen: Thu 6th Jul 2023
Catalogued: 7th Jul 2023


Confused old man is convinced he has won $1 million by a marketing letter. Repeatedly sets out to walk to Lincolm Nebraska to collect from home in Billings Montana. Driving wife and sons nuts. Eventually younger son agrees to take  few days off and drive him. Gentle road trip ensues as they tentatively try tomake some connection. Detour to stay weekend with his appalling family in the place he grew up (Hawthorne, Montana). SLight redepmtion at the end.


by rogerco on Thu 6th Jul 2023 DVD proj @ home

Gentle and Dull


Pretty dull road movie with good B&W photography

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Makes you glad you are not living in America. Very like the other more recent film about getting old - Lucky, the Harry Dean Stanton swansong - it gets an extra star for the photography, but aside from that it has very little merit. The acting was pretty good I suppose, but the absence of story, or interest in, or identification with, the cultural milleu killed it stone dead.