One review on 22 Apr 2023

Spain 2021

Running time: 111 mins

Official Competition

Directors : Mariano Cohn , Gastón Duprat 

Setting: Spain
Original language: Spanish
Summary: Two actors,one director, one film.Much competition before and after the shooting of the movie - which we don't see.


  • Penélope Cruz  Lola (the director)
  • Antonio Banderas  Felix (the populist actor)
  • Oscar Martínez  Ivan (the pro actor)

Aspect Ratio: 2.39 (Bollywood)

Colour: Colour

Camera: Digital

Tech Notes: GoPro camera

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First Seen: Sat 22nd Apr 2023
Catalogued: 24th Apr 2023


Laregly set during rehersals before shooting. The rehersals take place in a vast modern architect designed concrete and glass conference centre in countryside. The story of the relationship between the leading two actors (Banderas & ) playing brothers in the film and the director (Cruz) 


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