One review on 09 Mar 2024

Japan 2023

Running time: 124 mins

Perfect Days

Director : Wim Wenders 

Setting: Tokyo
Original language: Japanese
Summary: Hirayama cleans public toilets in Tokyo, lives his life in simplicity and daily tranquility. Some encounters also lead him to reflect on himself.

Aspect Ratio: 1.33 (4x3)

Colour: Colour

Sound: Stereo

Camera: Digital

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First Seen: Sat 9th Mar 2024
Catalogued: 17th Mar 2024


A slow paced portrait of a man who is happy with his life, but possibly came there from different circumstances


by rogerco on Sat 9th Mar 2024 Watershed Bristol (Subtitled)

Slow and unsatisfying

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Slow paced, minimal dialogue, at first intriguing as we discover his fixed daily life, but ultimately we learn nothing - why is he living this happy life, what ws his past that brought him to these sunlit uplands. Only the vaguest hints are provided - he has a wealthy sister, he is estranged from his elderly father, his niece remembers him from a time before - but what was the watershed? We'll never know. Possibly he has forgotten.