One review on 18 Nov 2023

UK 1980

Running time: 133 mins

Rude Boy

Director : Jack Hazan 

Setting: London
Summary: Drama doc about the Clash and a wannabe roadie


  • Ray Gange  Ray - the wannabe roadie fan boy

Aspect Ratio: 1.78 (16x9 HDTV)

Colour: Colour

Camera: 35mm

Tech Notes: digitally remastered DVD

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First Seen: Sat 18th Nov 2023
Catalogued: 21st Nov 2023


Filmed in 1978-79 concert footage of the Clash performing intercut with a story about a school mate of theirs who wants to be a roadie and contempory news/documentary footage of events in London and around with the rise of Thatcher and racism on the streets.


by rogerco on Sat 18th Nov 2023 Streamed proj @ home

Rude Boy makes a Mess


Part artificial drama, part documentary, part archive - a bit of a mess

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Although interesting and entertaining it somewhat jarred in the conflict between documentary and scripted storyline, with contemporary news and street documentary, and fake documentary, footage thrown in.

The treatment of young black kids was unsympathetic - one wonders if Ray's racism was actually a reflection of the director/screenwriters opinions.. On the other hand the National Front was not sympathtically treated - although not critical either.

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