USA 2018

Running time: 98 mins


Director : Director Aneesh Chaganty

Summary :
Daughter goes missing and father attempts to find her through the internet

Country: USA

Setting: California USA

Aspect Ratio: 1.85 widescreen

Colour: Colour

Sound: Stereo

Camera: various

Tech Notes: Camera : various. Stereo

Cast & Crew


First Seen: Sat 9th Apr 2022
Last Seen: Sat 14th May 2022
Catalogued: 10th Apr 2022


David Kim's (John Cho) 16yo daughter Margot (Michelle La) goes missing. Her mother died of cancer 2 year prior and David is a sole parent. The story is largely told through interactions with computers - video calls, social media, messaging.

The police officer assigned to the case, Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing) is sympathetic but the leads David find on Margot's laptop seem to go nowhere and Detective Vick declares it must be a case of a runaway as Margot has withdrawn all her savings (she hasn't told dad that she has given up on piano lessons which he still gives her cash for) before disappearing.

David then finds a clue that she may have gone to a local lake beauty spot and Det.Vick agrees to search the lack and finds Margot's car but no trace of the missing teen aside from some blood on the dashboard.

As David confronts his brother whom he now suspects of involvement Det.Vick gets a confession from a convicted murderer and closes the case - but it doesn't end there as something doesn't add up for David... 


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by rogerco on Sat 9th Apr 2022 DVD proj @ home

Quite good thriller plot with novel way of telling the story

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