One review on 12 Feb 2022

Italy 2013

Running time: 145 mins

The Great Beauty

La Grande Bellezza

Director : Paolo Sorrentino 

Setting: Rome
Original language: Italian
Summary: writer Jep wanders through high society Rome

Aspect Ratio: Standard (generic)

Colour: Colour

Sound: Silent

Camera: 35mm

Tech Notes: Camera : 35mm. Dolby digital

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First Seen: Sat 12th Feb 2022
Catalogued: 16th Feb 2022


Jep, writer, aesthete, journalist, produced a prize winning novelette in his youth since when he has smooched his way through Rome's high society aiming to be the king of the scene - and apparently succeeding. But life has become a bore, nothing, vacuous - still the wheels keep turning.



by rogerco on Sat 12th Feb 2022 DVD proj @ home (Subtitled)

Not a Great Film, but not bad


Sumptuous to look at, but to what end?

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The photography and mise-en-scene is excellent, luxurious. The story, such as it is, is slightly confused (whose funeral was it, what happened to Ramona). Some laboured comedy - the cardinal more interested in his food recipes than spiritual matters. No hints of the dark side of the face of luxury and privilege.


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