One review on 23 Apr 2022

USA 2017

Running time: 103 mins

Wind River

Director : Taylor Sheridan 

Setting: Wyoming, USA
Summary: Winter murder in Wyoming


  • Jeremy Renner  the hunter
  • Elizabeth Olsen  the fbi agent

Aspect Ratio: 2.35 Widescreen

Colour: Colour

Sound: Dolby digital

Camera: Arri Alexa XT

Tech Notes: Camera : Arri Alexa XT. Dolby digital

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First Seen: Sat 23rd Apr 2022
Last Seen: Sat 21st May 2022
Catalogued: 27th Apr 2022


Young woman dies in the snow on an Indian Reservation in the mountains fleeing from something or someone pursuing her. Her body is found by a local hunter and as a suspicious death the FBI gets called in in the form of a young woman agent.

Agent enlists hunter's help in the investigation and eventually traces the perpetrators and a violent stand-off ensues. 



by rogerco on Sat 23rd Apr 2022 DVD proj @ home

Not a good telling of the story


Could have been a very good film with a different director and cast

Full review

The premise is promising, the location interesting, the plot has potential - but the realisation is very weak.

Olsen is hopelessly miscast as the 'rookie' FBI agent, Jeremy Renner as the hunter is much better, but we never really get under the skin of his character. In fact all of the characters in the film remain very two-dimensional. The hunter's backstory is hinted at but never properly connected to the plot, the agent has no depth at all.  The locals are simply there to provide colour. The security guards at the oil rig are mere cartoon characters for a violent shoot-out at the end.

The nature of the community on the reservation and its relationship to 'outsiders' working in the area is not properly explored, 

The plot trundles along leading to a confrontation which reveals what happened to the girl to cause her to flee barefoot through the snowy wilderness. In the end naturally the good guys win, and the bad guys are all dead, and you've just wasted 100 minutes of your life watching a technically competent but emotionally unsatisfying telling of the story.