One review on 16 Feb 2023

Jordan 2021

Running time: 92 mins


Director : Darin J. Sallam 

Setting: Palestine, the Nakba
Original language: Arabic
Summary: Based on true story of a 16 yo girl's experience of the Nakba when Palestinians were driven from their homelands by Israel (with British support)

Colour: Colour

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First Seen: Thu 16th Feb 2023
Catalogued: 17th Feb 2023


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by rogerco on Thu 16th Feb 2023 Streamed proj @ home (Subtitled)

Intense and Harrowing


a powerful depiction of a horrific experience for a young girl

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From the gentle opening and the introduction to the life of the comunity to the sudden disruption - anticipted by some but not expected right now by any - where the film takes a much darker turn in is initially engrossing and then gripping.