One review on 19 Feb 2022

China 1997

Running time: 108 mins


Director : Xiao Wu 

Setting: China
Original language: Chinese
Summary: A pickpocket in China

Aspect Ratio: 1.37 (Academy)

Colour: Colour

Sound: Mono

Camera: 16mm

Tech Notes: Camera : 16mm. Mono

First Seen: Sat 19th Feb 2022
Catalogued: 28th Feb 2022


He wanders around picking pockets and loosing touch with his old friends whose lives have moved on


by rogerco on Sat 19th Feb 2022 Streamed proj @ home

Vaguely Interesting


Totally unsympathetic lead character rather mars it

Full review

The depiction of life in small town China post Mao is interesting but the entire film is spent following this useless loser around which is not at all interesting. He just mooches through life.

Somewhat reminiscent of Ken Loach or Mike Leigh's films providing a slice of life with amateur actors and improvised/workshopped dialogue, but without anyone the audience can identify with (even if we don't actually like them) it fails to engage as a narrative.