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The Web of Meaning

Author : Jeremy Lent
Published: 2021

Pulling it all together - everything is connected and we need to really know or live that

by rogerco on 13 Dec 2021

13 Dec 2021


How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Author : Andreas Malm
Published: 2021

Not an instruction manual but an argument for doing it.

Synopsis 133 words

by rogerco on 23 Nov 2021

23 Nov 2021


Introduction to Systems Philosophy

Toward a New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought

Author : Ervin Laszlo
Published: 1972

How it all fits together as systems of systems

by rogerco on 22 Oct 2021

22 Oct 2021


Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency

War Communism in the 21st Century

Author : Andreas Malm
Published: 2020

Pulling together the strands of Covid19, ecological crisis and traditional marxist-lenninist analysis of the inherent contradictions of capitalism.

by rogerco on 12 Apr 2021

12 Apr 2021


Entangled Life

How fungi make our worlds, change our minds and shape our futures

Author : Merlin Sheldrake
Published: 2020

An introduction to the world from the point of view of fungi. Symbiotic beings which live as a network.

Synopsis 107 words

by rogerco on 21 Jan 2021

21 Jan 2021


The Book of Trespass

Crossing the lines that divide us

Author : Nick Hayes
Published: 2020

How we lost our land, and why, and why it matters.

by rogerco on 15 Sep 2020

15 Sep 2020


The Patterning Instinct

A Cultural History of Humanity's Search for Meaning

Author : Jeremy Lent
Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

by rogerco on 02 May 2019

02 May 2019


The Way

Author : Edward (Teddy) Goldsmith
Published: 1992

No summary or synopsis available

by Roger on 23 Feb 2019

23 Feb 2019


Who Owns England?

Author : Guy Shrubsole
Published: 2019

Synopsis extract: subtitle: How we lost our Green & Pleasant Land, and how to Take It Back

Synopsis 15 words

by rogerco on 01 Jan 2019

01 Jan 2019



Author : George Monbiot
Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Essays on our relationship with the wild world through the author's personal experiences.

Synopsis 13 words

by Roger on 23 Aug 2018

23 Aug 2018


Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist

Author : Paul Kingsnorth
Published: 2017

Synopsis extract: Collection of essays from 2011 to 2016 broadly explaining his transition from environmental activism in the 90s to a deep ecology approach and the Dark Mountain project.

Synopsis 25 words

by Roger on 06 Aug 2018

06 Aug 2018


No Is Not Enough

Defeating the New Shock Politics

Author : Naomi Klein
Published: 2017

No summary or synopsis available

by Roger on 21 Jul 2018

21 Jul 2018


The Legacy of Luna

Author : Julia Butterfly Hill
Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Luna is a giant redwood. ...

Synopsis 46 words

by Roger on 28 Apr 2018

28 Apr 2018


In a Green Shade

Author : Richard Mabey
Published: 1983

Synopsis extract: Collection of previously published essays from magazines and newspapers from about 1974

Synopsis 11 words

by Roger on 01 Apr 2018

01 Apr 2018


Guns, Germs and Steel

Author : Jared Diamond
Published: 1997

Synopsis extract: Human history explained from a geological, ecological, anthropological, linguistic and archeological perspective

Synopsis 12 words

by Roger on 17 Mar 2018

17 Mar 2018


The Moth Snowstorm

Nature and Joy

Author : Michael McCarthy
Published: 2015

Synopsis extract: Personal account of authors involvement and love for the world. ...

Synopsis 22 words

by Roger on 01 Mar 2018

01 Mar 2018


The History of Bees

Author : Maja Lunde
Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Three intertwined stories across time (1850, 2007, 2049) about bees and beekeeping. ...

Synopsis 24 words

by Roger on 14 Jan 2018

14 Jan 2018


Lilac and Flag

Author : John Berger
Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Peasants in the city

Synopsis 4 words

by Roger on 28 Dec 2017

28 Dec 2017


Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth

An introduction to spiritual ecology

Author : John Michael Greer
Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

by on 08 Aug 2017

08 Aug 2017


Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Author : Robert Pirsig
Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

by Roger on 15 Jul 2017

15 Jul 2017


The Company of Trees

Author : Thomas Pakenham
Published: 2015

Synopsis extract: A personal account of a tree collector's estate (demense) in Ireland (Tullynally) in the form of a diary.

Synopsis 18 words

by Roger on 10 Apr 2017

10 Apr 2017


Once in Europa

Author : John Berger
Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Odile, born to peasant family in the alps, reflects on her life from the viewpoint of a hangglider or balloon which her son Christian is flying her on/in

Synopsis 29 words

by Roger on 12 Mar 2017

12 Mar 2017


Ecology of Wisdom

Author : Arne Naas
Published: 2008

Synopsis extract: A collection of his writings spanning 30+ years. ...

Synopsis 16 words

by Roger on 22 Feb 2017

22 Feb 2017


The Making of the English Landscape

Author : W.G. Hoskins
Published: 1955

Synopsis extract: Does what it says on the title

Synopsis 7 words

by Roger on 25 Jan 2017

25 Jan 2017


Pig Earth

Author : John Berger
Published: 1979

Synopsis extract: Tales of peasant life in French alps. ...

Synopsis 11 words

by Roger on 21 Jan 2017

21 Jan 2017


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