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This is a list of books of all sorts that might be found in a Practitioner of Ecological Philosophy's library.

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Deep Deception 

unlisted author

Published: 2022

The story ofspy-cops by 5 of the women deeply affected

29 Oct '23


Bear Witness 

unlisted author

Published: 2013

Releasing bears into the wild and the sex-life of a young female scientist

Synopsis 335 words

8 Jul '23


The Dawn of Everything 
A new view of the history of humanity

Authors : David Graeber , David Wengrow 

Published: 2021

An interpretation of the latest thinkingin human deep history and archaeology. It is not all an inevitable story of progress from cave to today - different ways were possible and can still be achieved.

Synopsis 108 words

29 Apr '23



Author : Barbara Kingsolver 

Published: 2018

Twin stories from 1880s and 2010s of a house (possibly the same house) falling apart with the occupants lives.

Synopsis 279 words

24 Dec '22


The Old Ways 
A Journey on Foot

Author : Robert Macfarlane 

Published: 2012

An account of 16 walks, or track followings, in the form of psycho-geographical poetic meditations.

Synopsis 30 words

1 Mar '22


The Web of Meaning 

Author : Jeremy Lent 

Published: 2021

Pulling it all together - everything is connected and we need to really know or live that

13 Dec '21


How to Blow Up a Pipeline 

Author : Andreas Malm 

Published: 2021

Not an instruction manual but an argument for doing it.

Synopsis 133 words

23 Nov '21


Introduction to Systems Philosophy 
Toward a New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought

Author : Ervin Laszlo 

Published: 1972

How it all fits together as systems of systems

22 Oct '21


Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency 
War Communism in the 21st Century

Author : Andreas Malm 

Published: 2020

Pulling together the strands of Covid19, ecological crisis and traditional marxist-lenninist analysis of the inherent contradictions of capitalism.

12 Apr '21


Entangled Life 
How fungi make our worlds, change our minds and shape our futures

Author : Merlin Sheldrake 

Published: 2020

An introduction to the world from the point of view of fungi. Symbiotic beings which live as a network.

Synopsis 107 words

21 Jan '21


The Book of Trespass 
Crossing the lines that divide us

Author : Nick Hayes 

Published: 2020

How we lost our land, and why, and why it matters.

15 Sep '20


The Patterning Instinct 
A Cultural History of Humanity's Search for Meaning

Author : Jeremy Lent 

Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

2 May '19


The Way 

Author : Edward (Teddy) Goldsmith 

Published: 1992

No summary or synopsis available

23 Feb '19


Who Owns England? 

Author : Guy Shrubsole 

Published: 2019

Synopsis extract: subtitle: How we lost our Green & Pleasant Land, and how to Take It Back

Synopsis 15 words

1 Jan '19



Author : George Monbiot 

Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Essays on our relationship with the wild world through the author's personal experiences.

Synopsis 13 words

23 Aug '18


Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist 

Author : Paul Kingsnorth 

Published: 2017

Synopsis extract: Collection of essays from 2011 to 2016 broadly explaining his transition from environmental activism in the 90s to a deep ecology approach and the Dark Mountain project.

Synopsis 25 words

6 Aug '18


No Is Not Enough 
Defeating the New Shock Politics

Author : Naomi Klein 

Published: 2017

No summary or synopsis available

21 Jul '18


The Legacy of Luna 

Author : Julia Butterfly Hill 

Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Luna is a giant redwood. ...

Synopsis 46 words

28 Apr '18


In a Green Shade 

Author : Richard Mabey 

Published: 1983

Synopsis extract: Collection of previously published essays from magazines and newspapers from about 1974

Synopsis 11 words

1 Apr '18


Guns, Germs and Steel 

Author : Jared Diamond 

Published: 1997

Synopsis extract: Human history explained from a geological, ecological, anthropological, linguistic and archeological perspective

Synopsis 12 words

17 Mar '18


The Moth Snowstorm 
Nature and Joy

Author : Michael McCarthy 

Published: 2015

Synopsis extract: Personal account of authors involvement and love for the world. ...

Synopsis 22 words

1 Mar '18


The History of Bees 

Author : Maja Lunde 

Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Three intertwined stories across time (1850, 2007, 2049) about bees and beekeeping. ...

Synopsis 24 words

14 Jan '18


Lilac and Flag 

Author : John Berger 

Published: 2000

Synopsis extract: Peasants in the city

Synopsis 4 words

28 Dec '17


Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth 
An introduction to spiritual ecology

Author : John Michael Greer 

Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

8 Aug '17


Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance 

Author : Robert Pirsig 

Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

15 Jul '17


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