UK 2013

Running time: 83 mins


Director : Steven Knight

Summary :
Building site manager drives to birth of his child whilst on the phone (handsfree on the M6) fielding problems at work and telling his wife about the other woman

: Ivan Locke (the only character seen): Tom Hardy (Ivan Locke (the only character seen))
the mistress (voice only): Olivia Coleman (the mistress (voice only))
in his BMW
Aspect Ratio:
2.35 Widescreen
Dolby digital

Last seen:
Sat 8th Jan 2022


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Film Category


A boring drive down the M6 at night

by rogerco on Sat 8th Jan 2022. DVD proj @ home

A boring half story about a boring man.  There was nothing interesting about the character, why make a film about him? An attempt to make a technically clever film - only one person in shot and only one location with the story told through the medium of phone calls - but frankly what was the point. Might have made an ok half hour radio play, but has no merit as a film.

Gets a second star because I briefly worked as a concrete engineer and so knew some of the technical stuff he was talking about and met someone a bit like him.