France 2019

Running time: 117 mins

Only the Animals

Director : Dominik Moll

Summary :
Interlocking perspectives
Original Language:
Lozere, France. Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Aspect Ratio:
2.39 Widescreen

Last seen:
Fri 22nd Oct 2021


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No idea why the title - but its a good'un.

by rogerco on Fri 22nd Oct 2021. Streaming proj @ home (with subtitles)

At first we meet Alice (Laure Calamy) a rural insurance agent who is having an affair with the taciturn loner Joseph a farmer, one of her clients. Alice's husband Michel, another failing farmer, seems to suspect something.  We are deep in La France Profunde, a bleak barren landscape in winter with echos of scandinavia. Meanwhile a woman has gone missing - the wife of an incomer living in a renovated old farmhouse. The woman, Evelyne, has been having a lesbian affair with Marion, a young waitress who she met in Sete on the coast. Far away in the Ivory Coast a young man is part of a gang extorting money from gullible westerners on the internet by posing as girls and developing a relationship. He buys a package deal of photos and videos with which to hook a victim. The guy he hooks is Alice's husband, who is not doing the accounts in the farm office but conducting an internet affair and sending his girl money to get her out of trouble. At the end of the summer Marion determines to leave Sete and track down Evelyne, with whom she is obsessed. However Evelyne has to turn her out as the husband is returning.