Palestine 2012

Running time: 93 mins

A World Not Ours

Director : Mahdi Fleifel

Summary :
Growing up and life in a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon (Ein el-Helweh)

Country: Palestine

Setting: Ein el-Helweh, Southern Lebanon

Aspect Ratio: various

Colour: Colour

Sound: Mono

Camera: various

Date acquired: Apr 2021
Date last seen: Mon 12th Apr 2021


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Seventy Years of Oppression

by rogerco on Mon 12th Apr 2021. Streaming proj @ home (with subtitles)

How can this life be allowed to be? Using footage shot over many years the story of an expat refugee (what a concept - someone whose homeland is a refugee camp!) and his friends back home in the camp in Lebanon again, as with other recently seen films, underlines the human power of community and family and the destructive force of imposed authority.

All hierarchies are ultimately toxic - e need to find a better form of social organisation here value comes neither from possession nor from oppression.