Brazil 2019

Running time: 125 mins


Director : Juliano Dornelles

Summary :
A village in Brazil fights for its life

Country: Brazil

Original Language: Portugese

Setting: Brazil

Aspect Ratio: 2.39 Widescreen

Colour: Colour

Sound: Dolby digital

Camera: Arri Alexa Mini

Date acquired: Oct 2021
Date last seen: Sat 23rd Oct 2021


Teresa (Barbara Cohen) returns to her village for her grandmother's funeral to find that the impact of a nearby dam is causing problems for the water supply.

When the water tanker arrives shot full of holes things rapidly take a strange turn.

They find themselves under attack but have hidden depths of resourcefulness that give them the upper hand.


A Delicious Cocktail

by rogerco on Sat 23rd Oct 2021. DVD proj @ home (with subtitles)

A film that almost defies categorisation. Obvious elements of the Western, tinges of thriller and horror, all in all an tasty cocktail. From the opening there is something strange going on and you are never quite sure where it is going next (in a good way). Maybe ultimately it is about the power of community.