France 1934

Running time: 89 mins


Director : Jean Vigo

Summary :
Young girl escapes rural village by marrying the captain of a barge passing through on the canal .

Studio: Gaumont

Country: France

Original Language: French

Setting: France canals

Aspect Ratio: 1.37 (Academy)

Colour: Black & White

Sound: Mono

Camera: 35mm

Cast & Crew, People Appearing and Characters

: Juliette: Dita Parlo (Juliette)
Jean: Jean Dasté (Jean)
Pere Jules: Michel Simon (Pere Jules)

Date acquired: Apr 2022
Date last seen: Sat 30th Apr 2022


Juliette marry's Jean the barge captain (working for a barge company) and goes to live aboard together with the cabin boy and the mate Pere Jules and a load of cats.

Bored with life on the canal she longs to visit Paris but when they do circumstances, and Pere Jules, conspire to prevent Jean from taking her out to see the sights. She takes a chance to go out on her own to see the nightlife, but Jean angrily finds out and angrily takes the barge back down river.

At Le Harvre regretting that he has lost her Jean falls into a depression. Eventually Pere Jules goes off to find Juliette (who seems to have acquired a job and a room in the meantime) and brings her back. Jean and Juliette are reconciled and life on the barge goes on.


An Accidental Classic?

by rogerco on Sat 30th Apr 2022. Streaming proj @ home

As an early talkie the acting style still owes a lot to silent methods, The narrative is a bit disjointed - but this may be due to the director having dies before the editing was complete and the original version having been lost, so what we have is a modern reconstruction/restoration job.

I think if it is a classic it is only because of the accident of it having survived.