Leave No Trace

Director : Debra Granik

Aspect Ratio: unknown

Sound: Talkie

Cast & Crew, People Appearing and Characters

: : Ben Foster
: Thomasin McKenzie
: Jeffery Rifflard

Date acquired: May 2020
Date last seen: Sat 9th May 2020


Father and daughter (13) for reasons unexplained have been living wild in a national park (in Oregon) when the authorities catch them (you are not allowed to live in the park) and social services get involved (in fairly sympathetic way), but they have lost the freedom they needed so they go on the run...

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Review of "Leave No Trace"

by Roger on Sat 9th May 2020. DVD proj @ home

It all hinges around the relationship between the father and daughter - the backstory is left almost entirely to imagination (the girl doesn't remember her mother and the father doesn't reveal why he is damaged). Once they are in care (together) she starts to see another world, but eventually the father finds the tappings of civilisation too much and takes them out. For a while it might be going to work, but dad has an accident in the woods whilst going for food and the girl finds a woodland community where they can recover - in the end he still can stick, and she has to make a choice.