UK 2020

Running time: 127 mins


Small Axe pt.1

Director : Steve McQueen

Summary :
True story of the trials of the Mangrove Cafe in Notting Hill and Frank Crichlow & the Mangrove Nine.

Country: UK

Setting: Notting Hill, London, 1969-70

Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (generic)

Colour: Colour

Sound: Stereo

Date acquired: Apr 2021
Date last seen: Sat 17th Apr 2021


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The battle was won, but the war rages on.

by Roger CO on Sat 17th Apr 2021. DVD proj @ home

Scenes in Notting Hill were wonderful, but the trial went on a bit - as it did in real life, and as it had to in order to be true to hat actually happened.

A salutary reminder that the institutionalised racism that created the Windrush scandal recently has strong and deep roots, and at the same time the power and dignity of community can sometimes break down the barriers.