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Director : Elizabeth Lo
Released: 2020

Following a stray dog (Zeytin) and his mates on the streets of Istanbul

Full synopsis 30 words

09 Oct 2021

The 2020s

Salut les Cubains

Director : Agnes Varda
Released: 1963

Photomontage film essay about Cuba 1963

Full synopsis 27 words

07 Oct 2021

The 1960s

Black Panthers

Director : Agnes Varda
Released: 1968

Filmed at BP rallies and demos to call for the release of Huey P Newton in Oakland California 1968

Full synopsis 14 words

07 Oct 2021

The 1960s

Le Crime de Monsieur Lange

Director : Jean Renoir
Released: 1936

He shot a man

Full synopsis 235 words

02 Oct 2021

The 1930s

The Invisible Man

Director : Leigh Whannell
Released: 2020

Cecilia (Moss) runs from her controlling abusive husband and then is told he has committed suicide - or has he.

Full synopsis 90 words

25 Sep 2021

The 2020s

The Dawn Wall

Directors : Josh Lowell & Peter Mortimer
Released: 2017

Free climbing the Dawn Wall face of El Capitain in Yosemite park. 3000 feet in 18 days.

Full synopsis 98 words

23 Sep 2021

The 2010s

The Other One

The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir

Director : Mike Fleiss
Released: 2014

A life with the Dead from Bob's point of view

Full synopsis 24 words

18 Sep 2021

The 2010s

Blinded By The Light

Director : Gurinder Chadha
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: Luton linked to New Jersey in 1987 through a Pakistani teenager discovering the music of Bruce ...

Full synopsis 73 words

11 Sep 2021

The 2010s

First Cow

Director : Kelly Reichardt
Released: 2019

A cook and a chinaman buddy up on the Oregon trail and develop a scam stealing milk to make irresistible cakes to sell to the trappers and prospectors.

Full synopsis 150 words

04 Sep 2021


You Were Never Really Here

Director : Lynne Ramsay
Released: 2017

Violent killer employed to find missing underage girl - the job goes wrong.

Full synopsis 127 words

22 Aug 2021

The 2010s

The Aviator

Director : Martin Scorsese
Released: 2004

Howard Hughes biopic

Full synopsis 36 words

07 Aug 2021

The 2000s (the noughties)


Director : Alexander Nanau
Released: 2019

When Government is corrupted, people die.

Full synopsis 107 words

25 Jul 2021

The 2010s

White Riot

Director : Rubika Shah
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: The story of Rock Against Racism 1976/7 from the roots as a Hoxton based fanzine culminating in ...

Full synopsis 27 words

11 Jul 2021

The 2010s


Director : Chang-dong Lee
Released: 2018

Jongsu meets childhood acquaintance Haemi. Looks after her cat while she is on to a trip to Africa. She returns with a new friend, Ben, who is a bit mysterious

Full synopsis 4 words

30 Jun 2021

The 2010s


Director : Kasi Lemmons
Released: 2019

Based on the true story of Minty, a runaway slave (1850's USA) who became Harriet Tubman aka Moses, and worked tirelessly helping slaves escape

Full synopsis 155 words

20 Jun 2021

The 2010s

Be Natural

the untold story of Alice Guy-Bache

Director : Pamela B. Green
Released: 2018

Alice Guy was a French pioneer of film working with Gaumont she became the first female film director (and producer) in the world and made the first narrative films.

Full synopsis 281 words

12 Jun 2021

The 2010s


Director : Chloé Zhao
Released: 2020

A woman living in a camper van across Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska

Full synopsis 135 words

24 May 2021

The 2020s


Director : John Boorman
Released: 1972

A trip into the heart of america goes wrong

22 May 2021

The 1970s

County Lines

unlisted director
Released: 2019

Teenage boy gets sucked into drug running to support family

Full synopsis 46 words

15 May 2021

The 2010s


Director : David Osit
Released: 2020

How do you run a city under occupation?

Full synopsis 99 words

08 May 2021

The 2020s


Small Axe pt.5

Director : Steve McQueen
Released: 2020

A story about "Special Schools" as a tool of racial suppression

Full synopsis 177 words

06 May 2021

The 2020s

Alex Wheatle

Small Axe pt.4

Director : Steve McQueen
Released: 2020

True story of Alex Wheatle, young West Indian DJ caught up in the Brixton Riots and imprisoned leading to a change of life

Full synopsis 97 words

04 May 2021

The 2020s

Red White and Blue

Small Axe pt.3

Director : Steve McQueen
Released: 2020

The story of Leroy Logan, first black policeman in the Met

Full synopsis 84 words

01 May 2021

The 2020s

Fire at Sea

Director : Gianfranco Rosi
Released: 2016

Life on Lamedusa as a migrant crisis unfolds at sea

Full synopsis 39 words

28 Apr 2021

The 2010s

Songs My Brothers Taught Me

Director : Chloé Zhao
Released: 2015

Life on the Rez. Hard.

25 Apr 2021

The 2010s

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