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Wyrd Sisters

Author : Terry Pratchett
Published: 2014

Macbeth meets Discworld

Synopsis 44 words

by rogerco on 20 Apr 2022

20 Apr 2022



Author : Barbara Vine
Published: 2000

Death falling from a pylon and death and near-death falling from a roof recounted eleven years later by 30-something Clodagh

by rogerco on 02 Apr 2022

02 Apr 2022



Dark Iceland 5

Author : Ragnar Jonasson
Published: 2017

Mixing the past and present again as Ari Thor investigates a death at a remote house on a headland by a lighthouse.

Synopsis 66 words

by rogerco on 19 Mar 2022

19 Mar 2022


The Old Ways

A Journey on Foot

Author : Robert Macfarlane
Published: 2012

An account of 16 walks, or track followings, in the form of psycho-geographical poetic meditations.

Synopsis 30 words

by rogerco on 01 Mar 2022

01 Mar 2022


The Anarchy

The Relentless Rise of the East India Company

Author : William Dalrymple
Published: 2019

The rise of the East India Company from small trading organisation to the first global corporation more powerful than a coumtry

by rogerco on 27 Feb 2022

27 Feb 2022


Ask the Fellows Who Cut the Hay

unlisted author
Published: 1956

Based on interviews with old people in a traditional Suffolk farming village (Braxhall, near Woodbridge) during the early 1950's - remembering the pre-mechanisation farming and village life.

by rogerco on 19 Jan 2022

19 Jan 2022


The Creak on the Stairs

Author : Eva Bjoerg AEgisdottir
Published: 2020

A murder resulting from child abuse 30 years ago in a small town community

Synopsis 124 words

by rogerco on 05 Jan 2022

05 Jan 2022


The Sea, the Sea

Author : Iris Murdoch
Published: 1978

Theatre luvvy actor/director star retires to house by sea.

by rogerco on 02 Jan 2022

02 Jan 2022


The Web of Meaning

Author : Jeremy Lent
Published: 2021

Pulling it all together - everything is connected and we need to really know or live that

by rogerco on 13 Dec 2021

13 Dec 2021


How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Author : Andreas Malm
Published: 2021

Not an instruction manual but an argument for doing it.

Synopsis 133 words

by rogerco on 23 Nov 2021

23 Nov 2021


The Gustav Sonata

Author : Rose Tremain
Published: 2017

Only in their sixties do Gustav and Anton achieve their destiny

Synopsis 77 words

by rogerco on 21 Nov 2021

21 Nov 2021



Author : Ragnar Jonasson
Published: 2012

Dark Iceland (book 4 in English series)

Synopsis 186 words

by rogerco on 18 Nov 2021

18 Nov 2021



Author : Blake Crouch
Published: 2019

Memory and time. Paradoxes and spirals.

Synopsis 73 words

by rogerco on 08 Nov 2021

08 Nov 2021


Introduction to Systems Philosophy

Toward a New Paradigm of Contemporary Thought

Author : Ervin Laszlo
Published: 1972

How it all fits together as systems of systems

by rogerco on 22 Oct 2021

22 Oct 2021


Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead

Author : Olga Tokarczuk
Published: 2009

Polish existential thriller

Synopsis 86 words

by rogerco on 22 Oct 2021

22 Oct 2021


A Bit of a Stretch

The diaries of a prisoner

Author : Chris Atkins
Published: 2020

Diary of 12 months spent as a prisoner in Wandsworth by the author

Synopsis 26 words

by rogerco on 13 Oct 2021

13 Oct 2021


Middle England

Rotters Club 3

Author : Jonathan Coe
Published: 2019

2010-2017 for the middle classes of middle england

Synopsis 39 words

by rogerco on 05 Oct 2021

05 Oct 2021


Small Pleasures

Author : Clare Chambers
Published: 2020

1957 life in SE London/Kent

Synopsis 118 words

by rogerco on 15 Sep 2021

15 Sep 2021


The Last Kingdom

Author : Bernard Cornwell
Published: 2004

The wars between the Danes, the Saxons and the Britons as seen by a Northumberland lad.

Synopsis 56 words

by rogerco on 15 Jun 2021

15 Jun 2021


Shuggie Bain

Author : Douglas Stuart
Published: 2020

Single parent life from pov of mother and son in Glasgow 1980s

Synopsis 60 words

by rogerco on 01 Jun 2021

01 Jun 2021


The Perpetual Astonishment of Jonathon Fairfax

Author : Christopher Shevlin
Published: 2011

Everyman Jonathon helps bring down the government by uncovering a conspiracy of corruption.

by rogerco on 22 Apr 2021

22 Apr 2021


Corona, Climate, Chronic Emergency

War Communism in the 21st Century

Author : Andreas Malm
Published: 2020

Pulling together the strands of Covid19, ecological crisis and traditional marxist-lenninist analysis of the inherent contradictions of capitalism.

by rogerco on 12 Apr 2021

12 Apr 2021



Author : Francine Toon
Published: 2020

Crime or Horror or a simple Ghost Story through the eyse of a 10 year old girl.

by rogerco on 23 Mar 2021

23 Mar 2021


The Old Drift

Author : Namwali Serpell
Published: 2019

A saga of Zambia spanning the 20th Century and beyond.

Synopsis 53 words

by rogerco on 02 Mar 2021

02 Mar 2021


Borkmann’s Point

Van Veeteren Book 2

Author : Hakan Nesser
Published: 2000

No summary or synopsis available

by rogerco on 21 Jan 2021

21 Jan 2021


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