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The Goldfinch

Director : John Crowley
Released: 2019

Young boy caught in terrorist bombing at Art Gallery looses mother but gains a famous painting, which he then looses without knowing it and eventually it is recovered

Full synopsis 347 words

07 May 2022

The 2010s


Director : Jean Vigo
Released: 1934

Young girl escapes rural village by marrying the captain of a barge passing through on the canal .

Full synopsis 140 words

30 Apr 2022

The 1930s

Wind River

Director : Taylor Sheridan
Released: 2017

Winter murder in Wyoming

Full synopsis 63 words

23 Apr 2022

The 2010s


Director : Aneesh Chaganty
Released: 2018

Daughter goes missing and father attempts to find her through the internet

Full synopsis 183 words

09 Apr 2022

The 2010s


unlisted director
Released: 2018

Young woman working as cleaner leaves her flat after rent increase and couch-surfs round her old buddies.

Full synopsis 8 words

31 Mar 2022

The 2010s


Director : John Michael McDonagh
Released: 2014

Synopsis extract: Irish priest meets his nemesis and along the way sees the community he serves with new eyes.

Full synopsis 17 words

12 Mar 2022

The 2010s

The Gentlemen

Director : Guy Ritchie
Released: 2019

Mickey is a Canabis King with a growing and distribution empire. But he wants to retire.

Full synopsis 138 words

05 Mar 2022

The 2020s

Thelma and Lousie

Director : Ridley Scott
Released: 1991

A weekend break turns into a road trip to hell and glory

26 Feb 2022

The 1990s


Director : Xiao Wu
Released: 1997

A pickpocket in China

Full synopsis 17 words

19 Feb 2022

The 1990s

The Great Beauty

La Grande Bellezza

Director : Paolo Sorrentino
Released: 2013

writer Jep wanders through high society Rome

Full synopsis 49 words

12 Feb 2022


Catch a Fire

Director : Phillip Noyce
Released: 2006

Synopsis extract: Based on true story of an apartheid era black man who gets terroristed by a white investigator and ...

Full synopsis 35 words

06 Feb 2022

The 2000s (the noughties)

The Power of the Dog

Director : Jane Campion
Released: 2021

Synopsis extract: Two brothers running a successful ranch - Phil (Benedict Cumberpatch), the man's manly one, and ...

Full synopsis 275 words

03 Feb 2022

The 2020s


Kød & blod

Director : Jeanette Nordahl
Released: 2020

Synopsis extract: 17 year old Ida's mother dies (possibly of a drug/alcohol od) and she goes to live with her aunt's ...

Full synopsis 89 words

29 Jan 2022

The 2020s

Martin Eden

Director : Pietro Marcello
Released: 2019

Synopsis extract: A poor but handsome young sailor stumbles into a wealthy family by saving the son from being ...

Full synopsis 112 words

26 Jan 2022

The 2010s

When You're STrange

a film about The Doors

Director : Tom DiCillo
Released: 2009

Documentary about the rise of The Doors

Full synopsis 45 words

22 Jan 2022

The 2000s (the noughties)

Tom at the Farm

Director : Xavier Dolan
Released: 2013

Macho gay power games after Tom's lover dies and Tom visits the family for the funeral.

15 Jan 2022

The 2010s


Director : Steven Knight
Released: 2013

Building site manager drives to birth of his child whilst on the phone (handsfree on the M6) fielding problems at work and telling his wife about the other woman

08 Jan 2022

The 2010s


Director : Ben Sharrock
Released: 2020

A group of refugees billeted on a Scottish Island awaiting results of asylum requests.

Full synopsis 83 words

06 Jan 2022

The 2020s

La Haine

Director : Mathieu Kassovitz
Released: 1995

A day in the life of three young men from the Paris suburbs in the aftermath of a riot

Full synopsis 37 words

01 Jan 2022

The 1990s

Don't Look Up

Director : Adam McKay
Released: 2021

Satire on our civilisation's response to climate change.Sort of.

Full synopsis 126 words

29 Dec 2021

The 2020s

Song Without a Name

Director : Melina León
Released: 2019

Young woman has her baby stolen straight from birth at a fake clinic. Partner looses job and joins shining path. Journalist investigates but doesn't find baby.

Full synopsis 5 words

23 Dec 2021

The 2010s


Director : Lee Isaac Chung
Released: 2020

A Korean family start a farm in 1980's Arkansas

18 Dec 2021

The 2020s

Saint Maud

Director : Rose Glass
Released: 2019

Young nurse providing palliative care for dying dancer goes loco

Full synopsis 208 words

27 Nov 2021

The 2010s

A White, White Day

Director : Hlynur Pálmason
Released: 2016

Icelandic drama about a policeman whose wife dies in a car crash and breaks down whist building a house for his daughter and helping look after his granddaughter.

Full synopsis 146 words

20 Nov 2021

The 2010s

The French Despatch

Director : Wes Anderson
Released: 2021

Three linked stories by writers on the fictional The French Despatch magazine

04 Nov 2021

The 2020s

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